Workshop in the mountains

We make our models in complete wilderness of Gorski kotar, Croatia.
Nature of the mountains inspires us to explore organic & timeless, abstract shapes.

We make accent statement bracelets which raise urban minimalism to a more self-confident level of personal style. A still color explosion in the resin in some way sparks the positive, preserves the brightness of its making moment, and carries it further to the one who wears it.
When I wear our bracelet, I feel like it is some kind of energy reserve, which is funny, but it makes sense because the jewelry has always been more than mere decoration.

Mik and Klaus represent two opposite, yet intertwined characters. Mik is cautious, wise and moderate, and Klaus is wild, spontaneous and unpredictable. Each of our works contains both elements, it is partially a result of controlled structure and methodology, and a part of it escapes definition. We recognize this combination of elements in all the things we love, it allows us to play and it gives us the space we explore.

Spiritual nature of jewelry

In a world where nothing lasts, personal wearables have a special connection to our inner worlds. They stand for more than we can see and are more than just objects.

Jewelry is a subtle mixture of a statement, self-expression, communication, identity, status symbol… so there’s no way anyone can make you like it or not! But the truth is, there is never enough.

There are no lines in nature, only areas of colour, one against another.

— Edouard Manet

Mirna & Mladen aka Mikklaus


Mirna & Mladen have created the name Mikklaus as a platform for their art & research in 2014, and have developed it into a creative centre in Gorski Kotar, Skrad and Zagreb, Croatia, providing a home to all the projects they work on. Today, Mikklaus has Workshops, Lab and Studio spaces, with an ambition to generate activity and bring life into the centre of the forest, connecting Gorski Kotar with the world and advocating the values that fuel it.