Making of a Mikklaus

We explore colors and capture moments in translucent resin.
We make completely unique models, mold cast and hand polished.
Wearing them, we feel inspired, and their bold style reminds us to live at every moment.

  • I.
    Sculpting the clay model

    We make organically shaped clay models which follow hand curves.

  • II.
    Making the mold

    We make our original silicone molds.

  • III.
    Casting the resin

    We cast resin, explore fluids and colors, and capture moments in resin jewelry.

  • IV.
    Polishing the bracelet

    We hand polish each Mikklaus with 8 grades of sandpaper until it is silky smooth.

The Process


Would you like to cooperate?

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Would you like to have your Mikklaus?

Do you believe that style is a matter of a personal choice? Do you love the diversity of all our colors and models and recognize our passion for the imperfection which makes us beautiful? Do you already have a favorite? Simply write to us and tell us which Mikklaus you're interested in.